SparkNovo is a game for couples

SparkNovo is a game for couples that encourages lovers to:

  • Plan and schedule quality time together.
  • Play, compete, laugh, and have fun.
  • Discuss their sex life and learn more about each other.
  • Expand their knowledge of a variety of sexual practices.
  • Explore role playing and sexual fantasies.
  • Remove their inhibitions, let their kink out, and try new things.

SparkNovo is not like any other game for couples

SparkNovo is not a game for couples that is played in a single sitting using dice or a deck of cards. Instead, a game of SparkNovo consists of a series of tasks that each player must then schedule and perform with their partner. Each task can take anywhere from one hour to a whole evening to complete. A full game of SparkNovo takes place over an extended period of time; therefore, a full game could take from weeks to months or years. The pace is up to you!

Screenshot of the interface for SparkNovo, the game for couples.

SparkNovo is customizable and always changing

One of the most exciting features of SparkNovo is that the task database is always changing and being updated by its users. Members have the ability to write their own creative (and kinky!) custom activities. Custom activities can either be used in your own game only or submitted to the database for use in the games of others. View the thumbnails below to see some examples of game activities.

SparkNovo offers variety, options, and feedback

SparkNovo tasks are sorted into several different categories, with increasing levels of difficulty or complexity within each of the categories. The game also provide options for exchanging assigned tasks if players are uncomfortable or are simply unable to complete a task. Your partner confirms your completion of a task, with your overall score reflecting both the task level and the score given by your partner.

View the SparkNovo Game Guide for a more complete description of gameplay.

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