Custom Dirty Dice: How to Create Your Own Game

While simple sex dice games are a lot of fun, our Custom Dirty Dice game allows you to customize and personalize your own game. This guide explains how the game creation process works. If you’ve played our basic version of Dirty Dice, or any another sex dice game, you probably have a good understanding of […]

SparkNovo game notifications page

New Features: In-Game Notifications and Datemaker

There are a few new features available in SparkNovo that we would like to let you know about. These features are In-Game Notifications and the Datemaker. In-Game Notifications The original release of SparkNovo included optional email notifications for game and partner events (these email notification options can be found under Game Settings on the Play […]

Play SparkNovo on Date Night

SparkNovo: Adult Board Game and Date Night Idea Generator Think of SparkNovo as a cross between an adult board game and a date night idea generator. SparkNovo is much like a game in that it encourages friendly competition between lovers. In fact, some of the SparkNovo tasks that you complete with your partner will involve […]

SparkNovo Game Guide

Welcome to the game guide for SparkNovo, the couples game. To get started with playing the game, you will need to┬áRegister for your free SparkNovo account. Please visit the SparkNovo Support forum for help or the SparkNovo Discussion forum for information or to ask questions to the community. SparkNovo Account There are some important differences […]