Custom Dirty Dice: How to Create Your Own Game

While simple sex dice games are a lot of fun, our Custom Dirty Dice game allows you to customize and personalize your own game. This guide explains how the game creation process works.

If you’ve played our basic version of Dirty Dice, or any another sex dice game, you probably have a good understanding of how these simple games are played; you and your partner take turns rolling the dice and performing the indicated dirty deeds.

Adding a new game

For obvious reasons, our custom games require site registration so that your games can be saved in your account. Customizing a game can be a bit of work, so creating a game from scratch every time you want to play would become tiresome.

The first step in setting up your own game is to go to the Custom Dirty Dice page (this menu item becomes visible to site users that are logged in). On this page, clicking the new game button takes you to the game editing page.

User's Custom Dirty Dice Games table.

Editing a new game

The Form

The top of the game editing form is fairly straightforward; enter the name of the game and the names and sex of each player. In the Timer input, enter the time (in seconds) that is required for each task during the game.

Top of the Edit Dirty Dice Game Form where game name, player names and sex, and timer information are entered.

The Dirty Dice

The next section of the form is for the dice. You can opt to include up to four dice in your game. Selecting the corresponding checkbox adds that particular die to your game. Once added, you can then customize each side of the die with an image and some text.

Custom Dirty Dice die setup where side images and corresponding text are selected.

The Links

The next part of the form is the links section. Links are used with dice text you entered above to form a sentence that describes the tasks for each player. A list of codes is also available to use here to automatically insert player names and pronouns – PNAME = player 2 name, HESHE = he/she, HISHER = his/her.

Custom Dirty Dice link editor.

The Game Setup

This part of the form is where your game comes together. In this section, the order of the dice (D1 to D4) and links (L1 to L4) can be customized for each player. To keep it simple, you might opt to use the same order for each player; however, you will quickly realize that this can be limiting, especially when you have dice that correspond to male/female body parts. The way around this is to present the dice in a different order depending on who is rolling.

Custom Dirty Dice game setup and preview where the order of dice and links are selected for each player.

As an example, let’s imagine that Peter and Polly are playing a custom game where die 1 corresponds to Peter’s body and die 2 corresponds to Polly’s body. The links are entered as L1=”use your” and L2=”on PNAME’s” (PNAME will be replaced with player 2’s name). The die order for Peter is set up as “P1, L1 D1 L2 D2” and for Polly is “P2, L1 D2 L2 D1”. This way, the resulting rolls would be something like “Peter, use your wang on Polly’s vajayjay” and “Polly, use your vajayjay on Peter’s wang”. This can become confusing, especially when you’re setting up a game with four dice! The Preview at the bottom of the game edit page will help you put your game together so that it makes sense.

Play, Edit, or Delete Games

Once you are happy with your game, you can save it to your account for later. Saved games are listed on your Custom Dirty Dice page, where you can choose to play, edit, and delete your custom games.

Happy rolling!