New Features: In-Game Notifications and Datemaker

There are a few new features available in SparkNovo that we would like to let you know about. These features are In-Game Notifications and the Datemaker.

In-Game Notifications

Game notifications button beside user name on game page.

Image 1. Game notifications button beside user name on game page.

The original release of SparkNovo included optional email notifications for game and partner events (these email notification options can be found under Game Settings on the Play page). In order to limit the amount of email received, many users choose to keep these email notifications turned off. As a result, these users may miss out on many important game events. For this reason, we have decided to create in-game notification system to alert users of these events.

The button to access your in-game notifications isĀ found in the header of the game page beside your user name (Image 1).

The game notifications page displays your new game event notifications as well as your dates (Image 2). Date requests and replies, as explained below, are sent using the Datemaker.

SparkNovo user game notifications table.

Image 2. SparkNovo user game notifications table.


Datemaker button on SparkNovo task page.

Image 3. Datemaker button on SparkNovo task page.

The Datemaker is exactly what it sounds like – a scheduling tool that allows you to send date requests to your partner and reply to requests from your partner.

Each date request that you send is linked to one of your assigned tasks. To send a date request, use the calendar button at the top-right on the task page (Image 3). The Datemaker allows you to enter up to three possible dates for your partner to select from. There is also a text box at the bottom of the form that you can use to send your partner a short message (Image 4). Here you can let them know how much time will be required, how they should prepare, what they should wear, and any other special instructions they will need. Avoid giving away too much information and ruining the surprise!

SparkNovo Datemaker request form.

Image 4. SparkNovo Datemaker request form.

Every date request sent and received can be viewed on the game notifications page. In order to reply to a date request, simply select the date / time option that you prefer and enter an optional message to your partner. Your partner will be notified of your response and your date will be set. It is important to note that date requests and replies can be modified at any time; however, if a date is modified by one partner, the other partner will receive a notification. Finally, in the event that none of the dates work for you, your partner will be notified to enter three new potential dates.

We hope that these new tools enhance your SparkNovo experience by helping you track game events and plan your time together!