Play SparkNovo on Date Night

SparkNovo: Adult Board Game and Date Night Idea Generator

Think of SparkNovo as a cross between an adult board game and a date night idea generator. SparkNovo is much like a game in that it encourages friendly competition between lovers. In fact, some of the SparkNovo tasks that you complete with your partner will involve spending an evening playing modified versions of various games. Most SparkNovo tasks are intended to either require an evening to complete or at least be a part of an evening that you plan to spend with your partner. This makes SparkNovo perfect for couples looking for date night ideas. The tasks or date night ideas contributed to the database by the SparkNovo user community range from the romantic to the downright kinky!

For more information about SparkNovo gameplay, see the About and Game Guide pages.

Date night idea leads to couple kissing at dinner.

Plan and Complete a SparkNovo Task on Date Night

The most important part of playing SparkNovo is the planning and completion of tasks. Coincidentally, this is also the most fun and most rewarding part of the game! The best way to approach each of your assigned tasks is to treat each one like a date night idea that you are planning for your partner. Here are a few tips on how to successfully plan and complete your tasks.

Make it a date:

Without giving away too many details, schedule the date with your partner and give them enough information to let them know how to prepare for the evening. How much time will they need? What should they wear? Are there any other special instructions they need to be aware of? It’s okay to only reveal certain details about the evening at this time, as you can provide your partner with more information as the date gets closer. For example, perhaps you still need to purchase their outfit for them, or the instructions indicate to only reveal the outfit during the task. Remember that a little bit of mystery and suspense is always a good thing!

Make a plan:

Plan your evening together based on the task description. Remember that the task description outlines the minimum requirement for the task. You should consider going beyond this minimum and plan a full evening together. If you will be going out, decide where you will be going and make any necessary reservations. Conduct any research that needs to be done; usage of a new sex toy, or the exploration of a new sexual technique, for example. Gather the items listed in the task description that you will need, or go shopping for any of the items you don’t already have. Since many tasks will involve play in the bedroom (or other room of your choice), have a plan and the items necessary to prepare this area.

TIP – Set the mood: For all tasks completed at home, regardless of whether it is mentioned in the description or not, spend some time thinking about setting the mood in the room. Use subdued lighting and/or candles that will be softer on the eyes. Listen to some light music that you both like, if appropriate. Food and drink is also a nice addition, even when not directly involved in the task. These are but a few examples. Be creative and come up with some new ideas!

Make final preparations:

Date night is finally here, so make any final preparations of the room as required and prepare yourself. Depending upon the task, you may have to do this while keeping it a surprise. This might be a challenge but do your best! Also, remember to provide your partner with any last minute instructions. Once you have completed the task, don’t forget to submit it as completed for your partner to approve and assign your points.